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Eco-friendly Air Powered Dock Leveler Sales Price

What is air-powered dock levelers?

Air-powered dock levelers are also known as airbag dock levelers. They are used in truck loading bay, receiving and shipping areas of factories, warehouses, logistics centers, etc.

Moreover, airbag dock levelers are particularly suitable for warehouse loading bay with harsh conditions or industries with high hygiene requirements.

As to high cleanliness factories, sealing rubber strips can be added on both sides according to your needs.

How does an air-powered dock leveler work?

Air-powered loading dock adopts airbag lifting technology. It is activated by pressing the push button, the blower inflates the air bag and the inflated airbag raises the main surface plate to its highest position within 15 seconds. Then, the dock leveler acts as a bridge to connect the gap and height difference between the truck and the cement dock. As a result, forklifts can smoothly enter the trailer compartments for loading and unloading operations.

What are the benefits of using airbag dock levelers?

Airbag leveler is the best solution to maximize both work efficiency and safety during loading and unloading, while remaining surroundings clean.  

air powered dock leveler(airbag leveler)

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Brand: Guauma                                              Model: Air Powered Dock Leveler (ADL)               Origin: China

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ):1               Production Time: 10 Days                                    Certificates: CE, ISO, software copyright patent, etc.        

Supply Ability: >6000 Units/ Year  


Air Powered Dock Leveler (ADL)

Load Capacity

25000 LBS/ 3500 LBS/ 45000 LBS (6T to 18T)

Working Range

Above: +350 mm; Down: -300 mm

Surface Plate

8 mm thick superior-quality non-slip steel

Lip Material

16 mm thick superior-quality non-slip steel

Lip Length

400 mm

Pit Size (WXL)ft

6 X 8’’/ 6.5 X 8’’/ 7 X 8’’/ 6 X 10’’/7 X 10’’, etc.

Pit Size (WXL)mm

1870 x 2210/ 2020 x 2210/ 2170 x 2820/ 1870 x 2820/ 2170 x 2820, etc.

Pit Height

500 mm


2 bumpers for protection (for free)

1 safety support rod for maintenance and inspection

Power Supply

220 V/ 50 Hz

IP Grade

IP 54

Working Temperature Range

-50℃ to +65℃

Control system

Electric control system


Push button


Grey, Blue, Green, Black, etc.

Tailored Services


Features & Benefits

Guauma air-powered dock leveler has the characteristics of environmental friendliness, maintenance free, easy operation, robust structure, tremendously reliable performance and long service life.

Furthermore, the airbag dock leveler can enhance safety and work efficiency during the loading and unloading operation, while significantly saving the costs of maintenance and repair.


Adopting imported fiber material with special treatment for air bags characterizing anti-insect bite, anti-corrosion and

extremely wear resistance:

— Ensuring safety and long service life.


Robust structure, simple operation, environmental friendliness, maintenance-free, tremendously reliable performance:

— Helping maximize work efficiency and significantly save maintenance and repair costs.


Surface plate is made of 8 mm thick superior-quality non-slip steel with 8 to 12 C-shape steels:

— Ensuring the main plate does not deform.


Lip plate is made of a single piece of 16 mm thick superior-quality non-slip steel:

— Not pieced together, much more solid.


A pair of laminated bumpers:

— More durable and more impact resistance.

One safety support rod for maintenance and inspection.


Simple but solid base structure:

— Making the cleaning of the pit easier and faster.


Electric control system & push button activation:

— Convenient and reliable.


Working Temperature Range: -50℃ to +65℃.


Power Supply: Customized according to customer needs.


Other optional safety loading dock equipment:

— Dock traffic lights, vehicle restraints, etc.

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Airbag Dock Leveler Video

Guauma Air-powered dock levelers features maintenace-free, eco-friendly and extremely reliable performance.

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