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Dock Seals VS. Dock Shelters VS. Inflatable Dock Shelters

What are the differences between dock seals, dock shelters and inflatable dock shelters?

  • Dock seals

The trailer completely compresses on a dock seal to make its three sides be tightly sealed. Therefore, it achieves an airtight seal between the truck and dock opening. However, the vehicle is required to be the same size, generally it is 2400 mm(W) by 2700 mm(H).

Dock seals are mainly applied to cold storage or industries requiring temperature control and high cleanliness, like food, pharmaceuticals, etc.

  • Dock shelters

The truck penetrates through a dock shelter and it seals the perimeter of the trailer. However, there is still a gap between the truck and dock opening. The features of loading dock shelters are that they are fitted to larger dock door openings and various vehicle heights and styles.

  • Inflatable dock shelters

The inflatable dock shelter enjoys all characteristics of dock seals and dock shelters, due to its inflatable airbags. It offers airtight seal. Meanwhile, it is also suitable for larger dock door openings and various vehicle heights and styles.

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