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Illustrations of Vehicle Restraint Systems: What Are Vehicle Restraint Systems and How Do Trailer Restraint Systems Work?

What are vehicle restraint systems (truck restraints/ trailer restraints)?

Vehicle restraints systems also refer to trailer restraint systems, trailer dock lock, truck restraints, trailer restraints, etc. The trailer restraint system consists of a truck restraint device and dock traffic lights. It is installed at the loading dock. When loading and unloading, the truck restraint firmly locks the truck’s tail rod to avoid the trailer accidentally moving or being driven away. At this time, the forklift can safely load or unload. Traffic lights help enhance communication between truck drivers and dock staff in a simple and instant way through obvious signal change of red and green lights.

vehicle restraint systems

What are the benefits of using trailer dock locks?

In short, the use of trailer restraints can effectively prevent serious safety accidents, such as injury, product damage, etc. These accidents typically result in huge costs or downtime. Therefore, trailer dock lock provides maximum safety and high efficiency at the loading dock.

vehicle restraint systems (trailer dock lock)

How Does A Trailer Dock Lock work?

How do trailer restraint systems work?

Generally speaking, there are five steps in the operation of the trailer restraint systems.

Step 1: The trailer is ready to reverse. (GREEN traffic lights outside, RED lights inside.)

                trailer restraint system working step 1

Step 2: Activating the truck restraint and its hook locks the truck’s trail rod. At this time, the outside signal light turns RED.

             truck restraint working step 2

Step 3: After the truck’s tail rod is firmly locked, outside light turns RED, while inside GREEN. Then the forklift can start loading and unloading.

             trailer dock lock working step 3-1  trailer dock lock working step 3-2

Step 4: After loading and unloading, unlock the vehicle restraint to make its hook reset. At the same time, the inside light turns RED and the outside light becomes GREEN. 

            vehicle restraint working step 4-1   vehicle restraint working step 4-2  

Step 5: When the traffic light outside turns GREEN, the trailer can be safely driven away.